Westminster City Council – ‘Embodied’ and ‘Whole Life’ Carbon

  • Client: City of Westminster
  • Issue Date: Ongoing Advice

Current WCC Policy as determined by the GLA requires that new buildings achieve a regulated operational carbon emissions reduction against Part L’s (2010/13) required performance.

This policy focuses on encouraging the operational energy efficiency of a building over its projected life. It ignores the energy and associated carbon emissions from the construction, repair and maintenance and disposal of the building over the same period.

WCCWestminster City Council, like a number of local authorities is evolving its energy and carbon emission policies to a wider, more ‘Whole Life’ approach as defined by European Standard CEN TC 350, and British Standard BS EN 15978.


The reasons are that by including the ‘embodied’ emissions from construction, repair and maintenance and disposal promotes:

All have positive long term City wide implications.

SCP role

SCP has been advising WCC Planning Department on scope, content and deliverability. This follows a previous report for WCC and English Heritage ‘Improving Historic Soho’s Environmental Performance’.

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