State Center

  • Client: Ekistics
  • Architect: Mithun
  • Location: Maryland, USA

Sturgis Carbon Profiling is undertaking a Carbon Master Planning role on this major 28 Acre site in Central Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

SCP will start by using GIS modelling to analyse and define the carbon footprint and assets of the existing overall site. As each site parcel and associated infrastructure comes forward for development, it will be assessed on its own merits and become part of the evolving carbon master plan. Designers will be able to adjust their designs in the light of the holistic, site wide carbon plan.

baltimore-2The Carbon Master Plan will track not only carbon emissions, but also related financial, lease, tenant etc data. On completion of the last phase the GIS model can be used to manage the overall energy use, carbon emissions and financial performance across the whole development into the future. This data will ensure an ongoing and evolving program of carbon emissions reduction compatible with improved financial performance.

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