22nd May 2017

ULI UK Sustainability Council Day

Simon Sturgis, Managing Director of SCP, to talk about the ‘Implementation of the Circular Masterplan for Gatwick airport’ at the Urban Land Institute (ULI) UK Sustainability Day on 23th May.

26th April 2017

BCO Conference London 2017

Simon Sturgis, Managing Director of SCP, is chairing ‘The Environmental Challenge’ session at the BCO Conference on Thursday 11 May 2017.

See you all there!

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25th April 2017

Targeting Zero: Embodied and Whole Life Carbon Explained

Embodied and Whole Life Carbon will change the way buildings are designed, yet carbon emissions associated with the construction and life of buildings are not yet wholly understood by the profession. Energy is assumed to be the province of services engineers, yet energy from materials is as big an issue. Architects have the opportunity to take the lead in redefining how buildings are designed to achieve a low carbon future.

This book is an accessible and friendly read, introducing and explaining many of the concepts around Embodied and Whole Life Carbon, using case studies taken from in-depth research. It will demonstrate how architects can become central to the carbon resource impacts of the buildings they design and how low carbon approaches should drive innovation.

Order your copy here.

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24th April 2017

Whole-Life Carbon – Fabric Retention

New article!! In redevelopment or refurbishment, retaining elements of existing buildings offers significant environmental and financial benefits. Mirko Farnetani and Juan José Lafuente of Sturgis Carbon Profiling give examples to quantify these benefits and provide recommendations when considering retention versus new-build for future projects.

You can read about the article here.

You can read the article here by following the link to

30th March 2017

Green Sky Thinking 2017

‘Whole-life carbon into practice: applying the standards in the built environment’

Date: Wednesday, 17 May

Time: 18:30 – 20:30

Location: 20 Perseverance Works, Hackney Road, London  E2 8DD


Sturgis Carbon Profiling is pleased to participate again this year in the Green Sky Thinking 2017 week.

SCP will present the outcome of the Innovate UK funded project “Implementing Whole Life Carbon in Buildings”, which defined straightforward guidelines for WLC assessment to be used across the UK built environment. This project led by SCP was delivered by a consortium of academic and industrial experts, as well as client and professional bodies. The provided set of solid guidelines combats disparities and standardises WLC assessment, enabling consistency and comparability in the carbon outputs.

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