15th December 2014

Embodied Carbon Week 2014

Sturgis Carbon Profiling to host a Carbon Assessment panel discussion.

1st April 2014

The Farrell Review

Farrell Review Logo

Simon Sturgis of Sturgis Carbon Profiling was invited to contribute to the Farrell Review of Architecture and the Built Environment. He highlighted the untapped potential of a whole-life carbon perspective for achieving a more holistic, efficient and sustainable approach; from retaining existing buildings, to targeting high recycled content, to the benefits of good design.

The Farrell Review is available here.

3rd March 2014

Ecobuild 2014

Ecobuild Logo

Reflecting a busy year for Sturgis Carbon Profiling, both Simon Sturgis and Gareth Roberts participated on the Ecobuild 2014 programme discussing SCP’s work.

Simon chaired a seminar on Corporate Strategies for Whole Life Carbon. Gareth shared the SCP experience of delivering Sustainable Retrofit at Scale, and addressed the question whether it is better to Adapt and Reuse or Demolish and Rebuild. The third day, SCP presented Whole Life Carbon Stories from ‘Boris Island’ to King’s Cross.


7th March 2013

Ecobuild 2013

Ecobuild Logo

Sturgis Carbon Profiling appeared at Ecobuild 2013 for the third year running. Simon Sturgis discussed SCP’s work on the WWF UK Living Planet Centre, as well as the economic benefits of whole life carbon analysis, whilst Gareth Roberts highlighted the potential for integrating food production into buildings, and talked about practical solutions for reducing whole life carbon.


10th September 2012

RICS: The Hidden Benefits of Embodied Carbon


Gareth Roberts of Sturgis Carbon Profiling looks at The Hidden Benefits of Embodied Carbon.

You can open pdf here.

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