Ecobuild 2018

Simon Sturgis, Managing Director of SCP, will be joining ecobuild 2018 and the panel discussion:

‘Advancing Net Zero – can all buildings be net zero carbon by 2050 and all new build by 2030?’ on 06th March at 17:00 Conference


Simon will also be chairing a session on Thursday March 8th at 10:30 Energy & HVAC:

‘Whole Life Carbon demystified – new Practical Guidance from both RIBA and RICS’

Whole Life carbon as an issue has been evolving for some years. Now there is proper guidance and a methodology for reliable measurement from RICS with the RIBA providing parallel advice for the RIBA stages. This will enable the built environment industry to fully engage with carbon reductions in a comprehensive way. Building designers will need to think about the sourcing and fabrication processes of the buildings they design, as well as the long-term consequences of their design decisions. These issues are now part of the RIBA Awards requirements, and will soon be included in the Plan of Work. Whole Life carbon and resource efficiency are about to become mainstream.



Simon Sturgis, Managing Director, Sturgis Carbon Profiling



James Fiske, Director of Product Delivery and Operations, RICS

Andrew Martin, Project Executive, Google

Ed Dixon, Sustainability Special Projects Manager, Landsec


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