Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards and Heritage Properties

  • Issue Date: June 2018
  • Publication: Better Buildings Partnership

Better Building Partnership have published an industry insight report, co-written by SCP, focused on the effect of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) on Heritage properties:

‘The introduction of MEES has brought EPC ratings sharply into focus as an important indicator for investment and leasing decisions. However, with EPCs predominately designed to rate modern buildings, they do not always account for the traditional characteristics of heritage properties or propose the most appropriate energy efficiency recommendations.

Heritage properties often have many opportunities to improve their energy efficiency performance. However, without careful consideration of how improvement works will interact with their traditional characteristics, there is a risk of unintended consequences that compromise their historic value and cause physical damage.

Fortunately, many of these risks can be avoided by ensuring that property owners have a sound understanding of their buildings and that high-quality EPC assessments are undertaken’. 

The report has been developed to support owners of heritage properties in meeting compliance requirements of MEES, whilst simultaneously recognising the special requirements of heritage properties.

To read the report click here.

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