Cressingham Gardens Estate EnerPHit

  • Client: Cressingham Garden Resident’s Association
  • Architect, PassivHaus Designer & Carbon Consultant: Sturgis Carbon Profiling
  • Urban Architect: Roland Karthaus
  • Location: Greater London
  • Project Duration: November 2014 - ongoing
  • Building Standards: Aiming for EnerPHit (PassivHaus Retro)

Sturgis Carbon Profiling acted as an independent sustainability consultant and designer for meeting EnerPHit (PassivHaus retro) standards and adaptating renewable/ low carbon technologies for Cressingham Garden Resident’s Association.

In 2012, Lambeth Council commenced discussions with the community around possible regeneration of the estate. Surveys of residents have consistently shown over 80% support for refurbishment rather than demolition. The prime aim of this project is firstly to benefit the community and eradicate fuel poverty across the estate, and secondly to encourage innovation in Lambeth by adopting, for the first time, the EnerPHit standard on a large scale.

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