Carbon Consultant

Sturgis Carbon Profiling (SCP) is a consultancy specialised in reducing carbon emissions in the built environment. SCP services range from research, policy and strategic advice, to carbon impact at building and product levels, including life cycle analysis (LCA), life cycle costing (LCC) and the development of risk assessment tools to estimate, track and certify carbon savings.

Climate Change resilience. SCP currently works on future proofing the EU’s building stock. We work with both policy makers and corporate clients towards setting targets to meet COP21. The aim is to decarbonise the EU building stock, real estate portfolios and pre-empt future regulatory changes.

Policy and environmental strategic masterplanning. Our work focuses on development of decarbonisation policies and masterplans: carbon reduction reporting to ensure transparency; defining medium/long term low carbon trajectories; setting KPIs and carbon reduction targets; introducing circular economic processes; and climatic risk evaluation.

Whole-Life carbon and cost assessment. SCP’s projects include the reduction of carbon emissions through buildings upstream and downstream supply chains. We provide whole life carbon analysis on individual projects to reduce life-time carbon impacts, improve durability and reduce early obsolescence.


We are looking for a talented and motivated individual to join our studio. To be considered, you will have:




Depending on profile, the selected candidate may be involved in any of the areas described above.

Interested candidates should send Cover Letter and CV with salary expectations to Elizabeth Common:

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