Carbon Footprint of London Airports

  • Issue Date: April 2014
  • Client: Terry Farrell Partnership & Gatwick Airport

Proposal to identify the benefits from networked solution to meeting London’s airport capacity shortage.

Commissioned by Terry Farrell Partnership and Gatwick Airport Limited, Sturgis Carbon Profiling produced an indicative Carbon Footprint assessment for three airport configurations in London with the same maximum capacity:

Estuary Airport

Constellation Network

Asymmetric Network

Further details

Main results-rdWhole-life carbon emissions emitted by current airport facilities and the future carbon projections of the three proposed configurations were estimated.


The difference between the CO2e emissions caused by going to / from the Estuary Airport compared to any of the other configurations would double in 60 years.


You can read SCP’s report for the Davies Commission here.

You can read SCP’s supplementary report for Gatwick Airport here.

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