9 Cambridge Avenue

  • Client: SEGRO
  • Architect: Langley Hall Associates
  • Structural Engineer: John Tooke and Partners
  • M&E Engineer: SB Partnership
  • Contractor: Francis Construction
  • Location: Slough

3,180 m2 of office and warehouse space on 816 Leigh Road, Slough successfully dismantled and re-erected at 9 Cambridge Avenue.

Sturgis Carbon Profiling was commissioned by SEGRO to assess the Whole Life Carbon impact of dismantling, moving and reassembling this fully serviced, two storey building. The objective was to reuse the maximum amount of the existing building. This was done in order to provide SEGRO with an understanding of any potential carbon and cost savings compared to a new build and identify options that could reduce its embodied carbon impacts further.

The study covered:

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Key Achievements:

The overall embodied carbon saving at completion (56%) and cost saving (25%) is impressive but could be further improved if the original building had been designed for dismantling and reassembly at the outset.

SCP proposes that there is the potential to increase the percentage of material re-used in buildings of this type closer to 80%-90%. This requires that the buildings are designed for comprehensive disassembly and reuse from the outset. For example, specifying re-usable concrete planks as ground slabs, etc. These sort of actions will provide further savings in terms of both carbon and cost.

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